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    • WoP International Conference

      The WoP International Conference is all about Portuguese wines. In this edition the main theme will be the Portuguese grape Touriga Nacional.

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    • Alentejo Wine in Lisbon

      The event, "Wines of the Alentejo Lisbon" organized by the Alentejo Regional Wine Commission (CVR) will provide an opportunity to taste great wines from Alentejo and new releases. The event "Alentejo (...)

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  • Grape Varieties

    • Alvarinho

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    • Antão Vaz

      É umas das variedades mais valorizadas do Alentejo, até há pouco quase exclusiva da zona da Vidigueira. É uma casta consensual, rústica mas bem adaptada ao clima quente e soalheiro da grande planície, consistente e produtiva, amadurecendo de fo (...)

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  • Multimedia

    • Road Show Brasil 2015 | Compilation

      "Challenge your senses and taste what's unique" was the slogan of these events targeted to professionals and consumers. The purpose of this roadshow was to promote Portuguese wines in several cities in order to engage Portuguese wine (...)

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    • Wines Of Portugal | Overview by Andreas Larsson

      The renowned sommelier Andreas Larsson make a overview about the Portuguese wines.

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  • Regions

    • Vinho Verde

      The outer boundaries of both the “Vinho Regional” Minho and DOC Vinho Verde are the same, stretching from the River Minho in the north, which forms Portugal’s border with Spain, as far down the coast (...)

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    • Trás-os-Montes

      The region is divided into three sub-zones, Chaves, Valpaços and Planalto Mirandês, the first two in the centre of the region, while Planalto Mirandês is on the plateau of the Serra do Mogadouro in the south east, (...)

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